K.Will to Serenade Fans With “Love Blossom”

Talented vocalist K.Will is making his comeback next week! So just like the humorous teaser clip that Starship Entertainment released on March 31 suggests, be ready to be held captive by his spellbinding vocals once more. His singing will have you reminiscing about painful, unrequited, existing or illusory love.It is certainly a timely release considering that spring is the season of love after all.

Whether you have followed K.Will since his unofficial debut with 2006 single “Dream” in “A Love To Kill” OST or pressed the replay button numerous times for his Girl, Meets Love” duet with Girls’ Generation member Tiffany, all fans will agree that K.Will’s distinctive, deep and husky vocals add something delightful to the spectrum of voices that populate the K-Pop or K-music scene.

K.Will’s 3rd Album Part 2 is scheduled to drop on April 4 with the title track “Love Blossom.”