Two X Reveals That MBLAQ Never Spared Them from Critique

Something that distinguishes Two X from other girl groups is that their seniors are MBLAQ, a male idol group that flourished under the tutelage of international pop star sensation Rain. MBLAQ is currently busy with promoting the Japanese version of their single “Mona Lisa” in Japan, while Rain left the K-Pop scene temporarily to serve his enlistment period in the army. As for the group name Two X, it means “Top, Win, One and X.” (understood to represent the multiplication symbol) The girls debuted back in August 2012 with single “Double Up.” 

In a recent interview the girls opened up about their junior-senior artist relationship with the popular male idol group, MBLAQ. 

When the interviewer asked about their relationship with MBLAQ, it was reported that the girls’ eyes lit up with adoration for their seniors. The girls expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards their seniors saying, “MBLAQ takes especially good care of us” and “They voluntarily observe and critique our performances.” 

Eun Young, who specializes as one of the rappers of the group, joked about one particular MBLAQ member. “Mir oppa especially doesn’t take it easy on us whenever we make mistakes. From our appearances to our dance moves, if anything looks out of place or just wrong, he’ll make us fix it or repeat it until it is perfect. You could say that Two X members were all brought up on MBLAQ’s constant critiquing to be where we are now (laugh).” 

The rest of the members piped up in agreement and shared, “I think we experienced growth when we were being monitored closely by the critical eye of our seniors” and “They even helped us improve on stage when it came to sending gazes into the crowds and the camera.”