Se7en’s Representative Denies Rumors Regarding Se7en and Park Han Byul Breakup

Recently a representative of Se7en cleared up rumors about Se7en and Park Han Byul having broken up. Se7en enlisted into his mandatory military service on March 19. On March 22, he was sent to Gyeonggi-do Pocheon.

At the time Se7en and Park Han Byul did not have the chance to say goodbye. Also, when he was asked how do you think Park Han Byul will wait for you, he simply replied “She will do it well, on her own.”
A representative of Se7en stated, “Currently there are rumors going on that Se7en and Park Han Byul have broken up. I have heard that they are dating well. It is true that Park Han Byul had to go overseas for photoshoots and did not have time to see Se7en’s new hairdo or meet him frequently.”

The representative continued, “Se7en has a real good personality. He cares a lot for other people. He really takes care of the staff members around him.”