“Jang Ok Jung” PD: “Han Seung Yeon Shouldn’t Be Discriminated Reversely for Being an Idol-Actress”

At the press conference of upcoming SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung,” producer Bu Sung Cheol talked about his decision to cast Kara‘s Hang Seung Yeon in the drama. He said, “I didn’t know very much about Han Seung Yeon. There were two final candidates for her role and I decided to cast her without knowing that she’s a member of Kara.”

He added, “When Han Seung Yeon first walked into the office, I thought she looked just like how I imagined Sookbin to be. I don’t think she needs to be discriminated reversely just because she’s a member of an idol group. Of course, I expect her to bring in more viewers and that’s a part of the reasons why I cast her.” 

In “Jang Ok Jung,” Han Seung Yeon plays the role of Sookbin Choi, who starts out as an in-palace maid, becomes one of the king’s concubines, and makes her son the king of the nation in the end. She meets Jang Ok Jung as Queen In Hyun’s maid and Jang Ok Jung willingly helps her, but Sookbin Choi betrays Jang Ok Jung by taking sides with Queen In Hyun in the end. Although the character comes from the same historical figure, Sookbin Choi in “Jang Ok Jung” is nothing like the same character in 2010 MBC drama “Dong Yi.” 

Producer Bu Sung Cheol showed his faith in Han Seung Yeon’s acting in this conference. He confidently said, “I will make sure that nobody gets disappointed by Han Seung Yeon’s acting.” 

Upcoming drama “Jang Ok Jung” is based on the novel, “Jang Hee Bin, Live for Love.” The drama will view Jang Hee Bin, who is known as a wicked, demonic woman in history, from a different perspective, focusing on her as the original self Jang Ok Jung, not as Jang Hee Bin. “Jang Ok Jung” will first air on April 8.