After School Hosts Charity Fan Meeting in Taiwan

On March 30, After School hosted an independent charity fan meeting at “ATT 4 Fun,” in Taiwan. All profits made from ticket sales of this event will be donated to help children in need. After School willingly and happily volunteered to host this fan meeting event once they learned about the event’s purposes. 

Members of After School prepared for this fan meeting even more diligently, as it is a meaningful event. They thought, “Since this is a special event, we would like to give back to our fans and others in need with the most passionate performances.” They performed “Flashback,” “Bang!” “Diva” and other hit singles during this fan meeting.

Moreover, they had a special time with the Taiwanese fans on stage. They invited some fans onto the stage and played games. They even granted these fans some wishes, trying their best to communicate with and thank the fans more directly. Fans also prepared special gifts for this fan meeting event as well as a special video clip celebrating After School’s 4th anniversary since debut. 

This event was a great way to give back to those in need as well as prove After School’s status as Hallyu stars.

Currently, After School is working on their upcoming album.