SM Entertainment Says SHINee’s “Dream Girl” Was Not Plagiarized

Recently there have been allegations that SHINee’s song “Dream Girl” is a plagiarized one. A representative of SM Entertainment made a statement, “The allegations do not make any sense” and “The chord and melody are completely different.”

A representative of SM Entertainment stated on April 1, “We have learned that these allegations started from netizens on online community websites. We think that they are making these claims without knowing what plagiarism is. Although one could argue that the song has a similar mood, it is incorrect to state that the songs are the same.”

One famous producer stated, “In order for a song to be plagiarized according to the law, there has to be at least 4 song syllables that are exactly the same. If you compare ‘Dream Girl’ with the song it supposedly plagiarized you will see that it is not true.”

“Dream Girl” is currently being said to have been plagiarized from Luis Miguel’s “Vuelve.”