Davichi and Verbal Jint’s Special Track “Be Warmed” MV and BTS Clip Released

Davichi and Verbal Jint‘s special track “Be Warmed” (or “Melting“) has finally been released to the public!

“Be Warmed” is an acoustic hip-hop ballad, written by Verbal Jint himself. It is the first song that he has given to an artist outside of his agency.

“Be Warmed” is a perfect song for this spring season as it is about a frozen heart that melts because of love. The soft acoustic guitar and piano sounds also complement the warming weather of spring.

The track is already receiving a lot of love from the public as it is currently ranking #1 on many online music charts.

Check out the music video for “Be Warmed” below!

Also, check out the behind-the-scenes making film of the MV: