PSY’s Next Single Title Confirmed to be “Gentleman”

The title of PSY‘s next single has been confirmed to be “Gentleman.”

On April 1, YG Entertainment spoke with Star News and said, “PSY’s new single will be called ‘Gentleman,'” and “If everything goes as planned, PSY will be meeting his fans all over the world with ‘Gentleman.'”

Previously, we reported that PSY had titled the track, “Assarabeeya” but decided to change it to avoid controversy.

“Gentleman” is known to carry PSY’s signature energy and fun atmosphere with a new dance move. PSY will be revealing “Gentleman” for the first time in Korea during his Happening” concert on April 13.

On the same day, PSY also appeared on MBC’s live news program, “News Desk” and made the announcement for his new track as well.

Meanwhile, PSY’s “Happening” concert in Seoul will be aired live all over the world through YouTube.