Electroboyz Releases Teaser Clip for “Ma Boy 3” Feat. After School’s Nana

Hip-hop group Electroboyz (Maboos, 1kyne, Chakun) has released a teaser for their first official album.

On April 1, Electroboyz released a teaser for “Ma Boy 3.” This song is the title track for their first full-length album titled, “IN LOVE.”

In the 15-second clip, 1kyne and actress Ban So Young show images of a lovely and happy couple. The teaser is already gathering buzz for 1kyne and Ban So Young’s happy embrace while surrounded by clean, white sheets on a white bed.

It is reported that Brave Brother and Electroboyz have been working on “Ma Boy 3” for about a year. This is said to be the final installment of the “Ma Boy” series that have been great hits in the past. “Ma Boy 3” will feature the vocals of sexy idol singer, Nana, of After School/Orange Caramel.

Check out the teaser below!

Previously, SISTAR19 released “Ma Boy” in May of 2011, and became a huge hit for the duo. Later that year in November, Electroboys revealed “Ma Boy 2” featuring SISTAR’s Hyorin.