Suzy Praises Lee Seung Gi’s Caring Nature

On “2013 Spring MBC Drama Big 3 Special,” which aired on April 1, Suzy was interviewed for her new upcoming fusion fantasy drama “Gu Family Book.”

When asked about her co-star Lee Seung Gi, Suzy answered, “He takes good care of me and is very nice. He encourages me to practice and we get along really well.”

She continued, “I knew that he would be nice, but I didn’t realize that he would be this nice. I think he takes good care of people around him”

Actress Lee Yoo Bi, who will play the role of Lee Seung Gi’s first love, also agreed as she stated, “We became good friends. He has a very caring nature.”

Lee Seung Gi, who for the first time will be working with an actress who is younger than him, added, “I try to be responsible, but since Suzy is so popular nowadays, I have no big worries for our drama.”