Lee Jang Woo and After School’s Uee to Step Down as “Music Bank” MCs

It’s been reported that Lee Jang Woo and After School’s Uee will step down as KBS’s “Music Bank” MCs.

On April 2, a production staff from KBS’s variety department confirmed to StarNews, “Lee Jang Woo and Uee will stop emceeing ‘Music Bank.”

The official continued, “Uee already stepped down after filming on March 29. Lee Jang Woo will stop emceeing after filming for April 5’s broadcast. We’re currently looking for their replacements and nothing is solidified. There will be a special MC to replace Uee’s spot for the April 5 broadcast.”

Lee Jang Woo and Uee became the emcees for “Music Bank” in January 2012 and have been faithfully emceeing for the past year and three months.

Soompiers, who do you want to be the next MCs for “Music Bank”?