G.I. Joe 2 Is #1 in Korean Box Office

The blockbuster film “G.I. Joe 2” which features Lee Byung Hun is currently #1 on the Korean box office. Up to March 31, the film has attracted a total of 830,048. (According to the KOFIC: Korean Film Council)

During the first weekend the film opened, the film had a total of 570,000 viewers. In the U.S. as well, the film did very well. “G.I. Joe2” opened in the U.S. on March 28 and was #1 in the U.S. box office. According to “Box Office Mojo,” “G.I. Joe 2” in the U.S. has made $51 million. Worldwide, the film “G.I. Joe 2” has made a total of approximately $131 million.

The basic synopsis of “G.I. Joe 2,” is that nearly the whole G.I. Joe team is wiped out by an attack and they are getting their retaliation against the evil Cobra.