[SNS PIC] Lee Ji Hoon Shows Love for IU

Aww the pictures look adorable! Recently, Lee Ji Hoon revealed two pictures through me2day. In the pictures, Lee Ji Hoon and IU are making adorable victory signs. IU is wearing a beautiful purple dress while Lee Ji Hoon is in a brown suit. Both of them are looking into the camera intently.

 Lee Ji Hoon wrote on his me2day, “Although I did not transform by giving money, I still worked hard as secretary Cho for Lee Soon Shin. Soon Shin who is so very nice, I hope only good things happen to you in the future. It probably is a killer filming schedule, but IU who is always bright, fighting!” (When he is referring to Soon Shin, he is talking about IU’s character on “You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin”)

The drama “You Are the Best Lee Soo Shin” began broadcasting on March 9.