Taeyeon Met Kyuhyun in Thailand?

On April 1, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon uploaded a photo on her instagram and commented “Kyu Bro,” referring to Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun.

The revealed photo shows down to earth and natural-looking Taeyeon without any makeup on, holding up a bag of chips with Kyuhyun‘s picture on it close to her face, as if she is about to kiss the bag. 

Netizens commented on Taeyeon‘s photo, “You and Kyuhyun are like real siblings,” “What are you doing Taeyeon? About to kiss him?” “Is this Taeyeon‘s unrequited love for Kyuhyun?” “Promoting her agency-mate internationally!’ “Your skin is flawless,” and “You look like an adorable baby, Taeyeon!” 

She also shared a cute selca before leaving Thailand.