[SNS PIC] SISTAR’s Bora Snaps Cute Photos to Support K.Will

On her official Twitter on April 2, group SISTAR’s Bora uploaded a series of three photos along with a message, “April 4! K.Will’s comeback! Please love ‘Love Blossom.’”

In the pictures is Bora wearing a hoodie and posing adorably. She is holding up four fingers on each hand to represent the day singer K.Will will make his comeback. With her cute facial expressions, Bora looks beautiful in these photos.

Netizens that saw these selcas commented, “She is the new cutie,” “‘Love Blossom’ will be a huge success because of Bora’s support,” “I want Bora to make her comeback soon too.”

Meanwhile, Bora’s teammate Dasom has appeared as the female lead on the music video of K.Will’s new song “Love Blossom.”