Kim Woo Bin Opens Up on His Difficulties Before Hitting It Big

Actor Kim Woo Bin, most recently of “School 2013” appeared on the SBS Tuesday talk show “Hwashin” and revealed some stories of his past experiences as an unknown model in the entertainment business.

“I came from a difficult and obscure hometown. I went up to Seoul to find work because at that time, I couldn’t receive support from my father,” Kim Woo Bin confessed. “I lived for six months in a sauna and didn’t even pay up because I didn’t have money. I didn’t even have enough money to buy rice. All these while I was trying out for modeling jobs, but positions were all filled. I had a friend who dreamed with me and I often said, ‘We should give up.’ I’m glad my friend didn’t listen to me because I am so happy right now.”

Not long after, Kim Woo Bin attracted attention and he worked hard. He debuted as a model in 2006.

“I met good people,” the model-turned-actor also said.

Before his lead-star status, Kim Woo Bin first started to gain recognition among small-screen audiences by appearing in Jang Dong Gun‘s comeback drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” the teen drama “To the Beautiful You,” and in 2011’s cable drama “Vampire Idol.” His biggest project to date will be the lead role in the film “Friend 2,” the sequel to the 2001 blockbuster that starred Jang Dong Gun.

Meanwhile, he will be hosting Mnet’s music program “M! Countdown” for two weeks beginning April 4.