Girls’ Generation Sunny Grabs Title of No.1 Best Looking Female Celebrity

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny was recently selected as the all-around best looking female celebrity. 

Starting March 26 through April 2, polled 864 Netizens on “Who is not only the prettiest but overall best looking female celebrity?” 

Sunny won first place with 16.3% of the votes (141 votes), Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri came in second with 13.8% (119 votes) and miss A’s Suzy placed in third with 5.6% (48 votes).

Sunny has received great affection from the public for her adorable appearance and feminine aegyo shown on various variety programs and on stage. For “The Boys,” Sunny traded in her long locks for a blonde, cropped pixie look which ultimately earned her the title of “Best Looking Female Celebrity.”

Among the nominees were also Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and 5dollsHyoyoung