Jo Kwon Was Nervous About His First Appearance on “God of the Workplace”

Recently, group 2AM’s Jo Kwon revealed his thoughts on his first appearance on KBS’s new drama “God of the Workplace,” which was aired on April 2, 2013.

Immediately after the episode was aired, Jo Kwon stated on his Twitter, “It was my first day at work today and I was so nervous. At the after-work gathering, I had to pretend to be quiet, which was really hard. Please love my character Gye Gyung Woo! ‘God of the Workplace’ is really entertaining.”

Although Jo Kwon has appeared on MBC’s sitcom “All My Love” in 2010, “God of the Workplace” is Jo Kwon’s first acting attempt at serious drama. He will be playing Gye Gyung Woo, who is a new employee at Y. Jang Food Company.