Actor Lim Chang Jung and His Pro-Golfer Wife Get Divorced

After 7 years of marriage, actor and singer Lim Chang Jung (40) and his pro-golfer wife Kim Hyun Joo (29) are getting divorced. Divorce papers have been filed recently, and they have already made agreements on financial settlement and the custody of their three children.

Via a phone call, an acquaintance of Lim Chang Jung stated to “My Daily” on April 3, “These two people have tried their best to stay together for the sake of their family, but the differences in their personalities were just too great.”

When asked about the separation rumor of Lim Chang Jung and his wife, the acquaintance replied, “It is not true that they have lived separately for a year. They only just recently separated. For their children, they are still communicating frequently. Lim Chang Jung will take care of their two oldest sons, while his wife will get the custody of their youngest child. They have agreed that all the children will be attending the same schools in the future.”

Lim Chang Jung and Kim Hyun Joo were married in 2006 and their oldest son entered the first grade of elementary school this year.