Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Their Son Jordan Meet “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr.

Hip hop artist Tiger JK and his son Seo Jordan met Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr. On April 4, hip hop group MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy) was invited to the red carpet event of upcoming movie “Iron Man 3” and Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae attended the event with their son, Jordan. 

Since last year, Tiger JK has posted many pictures of himself and Jordan dressed as Iron Man multiple times on Twitter, expressing the father-son pair’s fondness toward the movie character. With this opportunity, Jordan finally met his hero, Iron Man, in person. The red carpet event is especially meaning to all involved parties since the day of the event was also Robert Downey Jr.’s birthday. Jordan had a once in a lifetime opportunity to gift Robert Downey Jr. on stage. 

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. is visiting Korea to promote his upcoming movie “Iron Man 3.” This is his first visit in five years since 2008. Once he is done with his Korean schedule, Robert Downey Jr. will attend another “Iron Man” event in China on April 6.

“Iron Man 3” tells the story of Tony Stark and his personal struggles and doubts in being a superhero. During this personal conflict, his mortal enemy The Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley) appears in front of him and threatens the peace of the world. The movie will come to theaters on April 25 in Korea and May 3 in the US.