FT Island’s Latest Single Takes Over Japan’s K-Pop Ringtone Chart

According to Dwango, a Japanese music website, on April 3, “Come Into My Dream” from FT Island‘s newest single “You Are My Life” has topped their K-Pop ringtone daily chart. Following “Come Into My Dream,” “You Are My Life” was placed second and another song from the same album “Beat It” is ranked fifth on the chart. 

As FT Island has experimented musically in this single album, all of the songs have different styles and are garnering attention separately. The title song “You Are My Life” is a sweet ballad song while “Come Into My Dream” emphasizes Lee Hong Ki‘s vocals and “Beat It” is of hard rock style with a powerful guitar riff. 

Meanwhile, FT Island will perform in Beijing, China on April 13 as a part of their Asian tour series, “Take FT Island.”