BEAST’s Jun Hyung Collaborates with C-Clown and Ali as Songwriter

On April 3, C-Clown‘s agency Yedang Entertainment announced, “BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung participated in C-Clown and Ali‘s collaborative song ‘Do You Remember?‘ ‘Do You Remember?’ is written by Yong Jun Hyung and songwriter Kim Tae Joo.”

Unlike Yong Jun Hyung’s previously written songs with heavy electronic beats and sounds, “Do You Remember?” is of medium tempo with light, spring-like melody. The lyrics narrate a story of one reminiscing about young love and all its emotions in the past. 

This is not the first time Yong Jun Hyung, Kim Tae Joo, and C-Clown are working together.They also wrote “Cold” from C-Clown’s second mini album, which was released in November 2012. C-Clown’s agency stated, “Although ‘Cold’ was not C-Clown’s title song and did not have much promotion on the song, many fans really liked the song. We think that Yong Jun Hyung-Kim Tae Joo pair and C-Clown help each other shine. On top of this, we added Ali’s gifted vocals to create a powerful synergy. The result of such synergy is ‘Do You Remember?'”

“Do You Remember?” was released on April 2 at noon KST and have been placed highly on several online music charts since. Ali is currently working on a new song and C-Clown’s new album will be released on April 18.