Wonder Girls’ Sunye Is Going to Be a Mom!

On her Twitter on April 4, Wonder Girls’ Sunye uploaded a happy message, “I want to show my respect to all the mothers in the world who have experienced the mysteries and wonders of life. We have been gifted with a honeymoon baby. I think it is safe to deliver this news since I am currently 3 months pregnant. I hope you will all pray for my baby’s health.”

Sunye is the first girl group member from the current idol generation to get married and become pregnant. Since her wedding in January of this year, other members of Wonder Girls have been busy with their individual careers. Ye Eun is currently playing the role of Constance in the musical “The Three Musketeers,” while Hyelim recently became the host for EBS (Education Broadcasting System) radio. In addition, Yoobin is busy with her role in OCN’s drama “The Virus.”

So, congratulations to beautiful Sunye!