[SNS PIC] Eunhyuk Shows Off Birthday Gifts He Received from Fans

On his Twitter on April 4, group Super Junior’s Eunhyuk uploaded several photos along with a message, “World ELF!!! And I would like to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday! I am now leaving Korea to work. I will come back safely.”

In the pictures is Eunhyuk as he proudly shows off the birthday gifts he received from his fans. The presents included custom made cakes and flower bouquet. With a happy and excited smile on his face, Eunhyuk looks adorable in the photos.

Netizens that saw these pictures commented, “I am so envious of Eunhyuk,” “No wonder he wants to show off. They are awesome gifts,” “I wonder how much the gifts cost.”

Eunhyuk turned 27 years old on April 4, 2013.