Boom Talks About His First Impression of Kwanghee

On April 5, Boom and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee had an interview together to promote their new tvN show, “Friends Treating You To Something.” During the interview, Boom talked about his first impression of his co-host, Kwanghee.

Boom stated, “I first met Kwanghee at SBS ‘Strong Heart.’ At the time, I was doing the Boom Academy with Super Junior‘s Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk. Kwanghee appeared out of nowhere. He was always so energetic and was never diffident. That surprised me a lot. I remember asking other idols, “Who is that?” However, as I started working with Kwanghee, I learned that he’s not always funny and outgoing.” 

Kwanghee responded, “Since before my debut, I thought about the time I would get to work with Boom. When I actually met him for the first time, he wasn’t too fond of me, but as we started working together, things changed. He always treats me to delicious food.” 

“Friends Treating You To Something” connects MCs Boom and Kwanghee with viewers through the mobile messenger KakaoTalk. When a viewer leaves his or her wish via KakaoTalk, the MCs will visit him or her in person to play games and help make their wishes come true. “Friends Treating You To Something” is part of tvN’s sunday variety line-up. It will air starting April 14 at 9pm KST.