[SNS PIC] miss A’s Jia Grabs a Meal with SHINee’s Key

Recently on her Weibo on April 5, group miss A’s Jia uploaded a photo along with a short message, “Delicious lunch.”

In the picture, Jia and SHINee’s Key are sitting at a table in a restaurant. Jia is wearing a red hat and a denim jacket and she is showing off a V-sign pose. With playful and pouty expressions on their faces, both Key and Jia look adorable in this photo.

Fans that saw this picture commented, “They look close,” “Is that really Key?” “I guess they have a day off,” “Did they take this photo after the meal?” and “Are they on a date?”

In related news, miss A recently celebrated their 1000th-day anniversary by interacting with the fans around the world via ustream.