[SNS PIC] Seo In Guk Takes a Friendly Photo with Goo Hye Sun

Recently on April 5 through its official Twitter account, singer and actor Seo In Guk’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, uploaded a photo along with the message, “An adorable picture of In Guk and Hye Sun. What do you think this meeting was about?”

In the picture, Seo In Guk and actress Goo Hye Sun are standing close together in a recording studio. Seo In Guk has his arm around Goo Hye Sun in a friendly manner, causing jealousy and envy from many male fans.

Fans that saw this photo commented, “Seo In Guk has a naughty hand,” “I would have never guessed that they are friends,” “I wonder why they met up.”

In other news, Seo In Guk will be making his comeback with a new album on April 11, 2013.