Jo In Sung Brings Up the Topic of Marriage

Jo In Sung is one of the men of the moment. On the occasion of the conclusion of his successful comeback drama, “That Winter the Wind Blows,” the actor sat down with various media outfits for an interview, revealing some of his thoughts and feelings.

In his interview with Dailian, the actor brought up the subject of marriage. “I have heard that I won’t marry until 40,” he said. “Men do not age mentally as fast, so even if he is physically old, usually his mind is not. He needs time to come of age, that is my thought about it.”

He added, “Rather than being relied upon solely in the marriage, I would hope to find someone I can also rely on.” 

“That Winter the Wind Blows” aired its finale episode on April 3. To celebrate the success of the drama, the cast and crew are sent on vacation to the Philippines for five days.