RaNia Talks a Bit About Upcoming U.S. Debut

RaNia gave some remarks regarding their upcoming U.S. debut. RaNia stated, “We have to get some kind of accomplishment that we can grasp. Being able to perform in itself gives us happiness. We are happy for even small things. We have hope that sometime soon we will attain a worthwhile accomplishment.”

They also talked a bit about their debut song “Dr. Feel Good.” RaNia stated, “We knew that our debut song would do well. We practiced very hard. However, the song did not do as well as we expected. Despite that fact we were not hurt, and did not have a hard time. Now it has been 2 years, the only direction we have to go is up.”

RaNia added, “We still have a long way to go in order to have our own standing. People know our song well, but don’t seem to know us. We need to do more activities going on.”

RaNia then talked about their upcoming U.S. debut, “We haven’t gone head to head with the U.S. market so it hasn’t hit us yet. However, we our happy that we have a chance to let the U.S. know about our existence. There will be a lot of things to be learned.”