Lee Ji Ah Gets Into Accident with Police Car

The actress Lee Ji Ah got into a car accident with a police car on April 6. The news of this accident broke out today on April 8. According to one Korean source, Lee Ji Ah had consumed alcohol, so she subsequently called a proxy driver. On her way back home, the proxy driver got into a car accident with a police car at Seoul, Nonhyeon-dong.

Lee Ji Ah’s agency stated, “It was a small car accident that occurred because of the proxy driver’s inexperienced driving skills. Nobody was hurt, Lee Ji Ah’s condition is ok.” Although Lee Ji Ah wasn’t hurt, it is being said that she was very surprised because of the incident and is currently resting.

There were rumors going around that the amount for repairs is around $30,000. A representative of her agency denied this rumor, “The repair fee has not been calculated yet. I don’t know where the number $30,000 appeared.

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