Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah Admit They’re Dating!

Lee Ki Woo (age 33) and Lee Chung Ah (age 30) have confirmed that they’re dating!

The couple crossed paths through the cable drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” which aired in the last quarter of 2011. Lee Ki Woo played the gentle and sacrificial male lead who gave the leading lady, Lee Chung Ah, to the younger lead played by actor Jung Il Woo. The two had a close senior-junior relationship after the drama ended and joined the celebrity ski team at the beginning of this year.

Lee Ki Woo’s side stated, “The two advanced from peers to lovers in the beginning of this year. He’ll do his best to show that he’ll work hard on both love and career.”

Lee Chung Ah’s side revealed, “Lee Chung Ah has been participating in the celebrity ski team and became something more with her peer Lee Ki Woo. They got closer at the beginning of this year, not a year ago.”

Both representative agencies opened up regarding wedding rumors.

Lee Ki Woo’s side shared, “It’s difficult to say anything about marriage at this point because he wants to accomplish more things regarding his acting career. But, he is meeting her responsibly. He will return the fans’ love by showing his best self.”

Her side stated, “She will greet the public through her latest drama ‘Wonderful Mama.’ She will show her diligent and passionate nature through the drama so please show her lots of love.”