U-KISS’ First Unit Group uBEAT to Debut in Late April!

U-KISS created a unit group for the first time after their debut. According to U-KISS’ agency NH Media on April 8, “U-KISS first unit group ‘uBEAT’ will debut at the end of April. They will begin their new activities then.”

The name “uBeat” is a combination of U-Kiss and the word “Beat.” The reason that they chose this name is that they will captivate the masses with new songs that have U-Kiss’ own beat. The main members will be Eli and AJ, while the vocalist member Kevin will be featured in their upcoming single.

The members Soohyun, Kevin, and Dongho of U-KISS appeared in the March 30 episode of “Immortal Song 2.” That was their first week and they covered the trot song “Ddaeng Bul” form the artist Kang Jin.