Ivy and Joo Won to Play “Ghost” Lovers Onstage

Singer Ivy and actor Joo Won, famously remembered for “Bridal Mask” are teaming up onstage to portray a romantic couple.

According to reports in local news agencies, the two will be in the Korean musical adaptation of the Hollywood film “Ghost,” in which they will take on the characters Sam Witt and Molly Jensen, made famous by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore respectively. 

The 1990 film “Ghost” was adapted into a musical in 2011, premiering in West End, London, England. The production has since premiered in Broadway, and following the close of the London production in October 2012, is set to go on tour in the United Kingdom. The Korean production is the first of its Asian adaptation.

“Ghost the Musical” featuring Joo Won and Ivy opens in Seoul on November 24.