Yoo Sae Yoon to Join Regular Cast of “SNL Korea”

Congratulations to comedian Yoo Sae Yoon! He will now be joining the regular cast of tvN’s “SNL Korea.” Yoo Sae Yoon will be making his first appearance on April 13. Most people are assuming that Yoo Sae Yoon will work with Shin Dong Yup to make sexual jokes.

Back in March, Yoo Sae Yoon appeared on “SNL Korea” as the host. He showed off sexual jokes and his unique form of slapstick comedy.

The CP of the show Ahn Sang Hwi stated, “Yoo Sae Yoon left a strong impression when he appeared as the host of ‘SNL Korea’ with his adult comedy. The decision for him to be a part of the regular crew was highly influenced because of his performance when he was host. We believe that we have found a crew member that will follow the god of adult comedy Shin Dong Yup. Please anticipate the show.”

Also, 2AM will be the host for the April 13 broadcast of “SNL Korea.”