10,000 Tickets for B.A.P’s U.S. Sold Out in an Hour

B.A.P’s U.S. tour tickets were sold out within an hour of sales being opened. B.A.P will be going through New York, Washington, LA, and San Francisco for their U.S. tour titled “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC TOUR.” Each city had 2,500 tickets. In total 10,000 tickets were sold out for the whole tour.

The sponsor for “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC TOUR” is Verizon. Ticket sales opened on April 6 and its progress was being reported live on Verizon’s Facebook page. The VIP tickets were sold within five minutes and have now appeared on auction websites, with prices that are fourfold the original.

Billboard wrote an article about B.A.P’s upcoming tour, they added that, “B.A.P proved their potential for success after their album ‘ONE SHOT’ reached #1 on the Billboard world album chart.”