G-Dragon Along with Many Others Mourn the Loss of Photographer Bori

Korea has suffered a great loss of a prominent figure in the arts and culture world as well as the K-Entertainment field: photographer Bori.

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon has recently expressed his sorrows for the death of Bori.

On April 8, G-Dragon tweeted, “I give my deepest condolences. My heart feels so cloudy. Rest peacefully in heaven. Team manager Bori.”

G-Dragon was especially close with Bori as they worked together on many different projects and kept a close personal relationship. It is said that both of them gained a lot of inspiration from each other while doing each of their respective works.

Besides G-Dragon, many other celebrities and famous figures mourned the loss of Bori including Jung Joon Ha, designer Lee Sang Bong, Yoon Jong Shin and more.

It has also been revealed that Bori worked on Yoo Seung Ho‘s first solo photo book “Travel Letter,” which is set to be released on April 15. She had passed away without getting to see the final completion of the photo book.

Bori’s projects featuring many different celebrities have garnered much acclaim and love from the public and critics alike. Her notable works include projects featuring IU, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Min Jung and more.

Bori has also been widely noticed for her participation in the “Infinity Challenge” calendar project episode in 2011 and her appearance on “Challenge Super Model Korea.”

It has been reported that Bori died from a cerebral hemorrhage. Bori reportedly fainted a week ago due to this hemorrhage and her condition kept deteriorating until her death. Her funeral is set to be held on April 10.