Comedian Jang Dong Min Felt His Heart Race After Seeing Infinite’s Sung Jong

Comedian Jang Dong Min caused much laughter with his recent comment about Infinite‘s Sung Jong!

The Infinite members recently appeared on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2” as guests. During the episode, MC Jang Dong Min shared a story about how Sung Jong once made his heart race.

Jang Dong Min started off by saying, “In the past, I did a radio show with Sung Jong. But Sung Jong was so pretty that day that my heart started to pound.”

Sung Jong has even been named as Song Hye Gyo’s doppelganger, which caused much netizen buzz.

Also during the episode, Sung Yeol, who has the nickname of choding, which means, “elementary student,” shared his story of how he drank bitter americano coffee for eight months in order to shed his baby-like image.

This episode of “Beatles Code 2” aired April 8.