“Gu Family Book” Stills Reveal Lee Yeon Hee’s Painful Tattoo Scene

Lee Yeon Hee‘s painful tattoo scene in the newly started MBC drama, “Gu Family Book” is becoming quite a hot topic.

On April 8, Lee Yeon Hee appeared in “Gu Family Book” as Yoon Seo Hwa. She successfully transformed into Yoon Seo Hwa, who goes through countless hardships in the drama. There was a particular scene where Lee Yeon Hee receives a tattoo in order to start her gisaeng life.

In the still cuts that were revealed, Lee Yeon Hee’s pained face was perfectly depicted. Although her face is scrunched in pain, her beauty is still very apparent. These stills raised the anticipation of her sorrowful story in the drama.

It is reported that this scene was filmed on February 14. Lee Yeon Hee is said to have arrived early on set and tried to get into her emotions by not saying much while she was receiving hair and makeup. Although Lee Yeon Hee is said to be usually very talkative and bright with the staff members, she reportedly stayed quiet and tense on this day to concentrate on her acting.

It took over two hours to film this scene but Lee Yeon Hee did not make a single NG, which caused the staff to highly praise her for her professionalism.