B1A4 Gongchan: “Have Not Kissed Yet”

B1A4’s youngest member Gongchan said some shocking news! He admitted that he has been single his whole life. Recently, B1A4 appeared on MBC Music’s “All the K-Pop.” They held a corner where they ranked the most innocent and clean members. (This ranking was set by votes from people living in Myeong-dong)

The innocent ranking was set by the question “Which B1A4 member seems to have the least amount of kissing experience?” Sandeul was picked as #1 for this question.

Then, each member began to talk about the age that they had their first kiss. Gongchan stated, “I still haven’t had my first kiss.” During the voting, by pure coincidence Gongchan’s fellow classmate from highschool confirmed that “Gongchan has not yet kissed somebody.”

The production team gave Gongchan a CD with memorable kiss scenes. Baro was picked as the member who “Seems Like He Would Change His Underwear Most frequently.”