K.Will‘s jazzy love ballad “Love Blossom” is turning out to be THE spring K-Pop song for 2013. The ballad singer interviewed himself in a special video with English subtitles through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel. 

K.Will is just as fun and charming as his music video in this special features video. Set outside near the Han river (you can hear the microphone pick up the spring wind), K.Will asks himself questions about the song. The delightful banter between the different K.Wills makes you almost believe that there are actually two different people conversing.

Stick around to the end as K.Will watches himself act in his own little music video for “Love Blossom.”

If you haven’t watched the music video (starring Infinite‘s L and Sistar‘s Dasom) already or seen Eat Your Kimchi‘s review, you can check them out here