Lunafly Member Teo Mistaken As A Female Member

Three member singer-songwriter group Lunafly recently released their first album “Fly to Love” on April 3.

On April 4, Lunafly performed their title track “Fly to Love” on Mnet’s “Mnet Countdown.” Having composed the music and lyrics for their title track, Lunafly proved their budding potential with their great live performance. 

Lunafly member Teo‘s delicate features even sparked false reports about the band being a mixed gender group. Fans and netizens who read the reports remarked, “Teo is more beautiful than a woman,” “They really aren’t a mixed group?” and “I think it’s Teo’s hairstyle that caused the misunderstanding in the first place.”

Lunafly has seen their popularity skyrocket through online searches by captivating the general masses with their unique, sweet and charming colors. 

Last year, Lunafly released their first digital single “How Nice Would It Be” on iTunes before debuting in Korea and has fans from over 30 different countries.