Interview with Supreme Team Who Is Together Again!

Supreme Team (Made up of members Simon D and E-Sens.” recently did an interview (With Yonhab News) where they seemed a lot more solemn than before. Supreme Team quickly gained popularity with their debut in 2009. However, in November of 2011, E-Sens caused shockwaves when he had to stop his activities because of accusations of smoking marijuana. For one year, Supreme Team as a group stopped their activities.

Supreme Team stated in an interview, “It provided us with the opportunity to realize how important the love we received from fans. During the time we took a break from our activities, we were able to erase our vanity.”

Simon D stated, “During the time that I appeared on variety shows by myself, I was not able to take care of E-Sens. During that period, E-Sens started to get into trouble with marijuana and I felt like I was partially responsible. E-Sens started to lose hair because of the emotional stress, it hurt me as well.”

Supreme Team both talked about their music and the mood of the interview brightened significantly. Eventually they even stated, “Our group is made up of positive and negatives but it is strange how we have not broken up. We believe that it was only possible because we have done music together while sharing everything.” E-Sens added, “Simon D is the person that will take care of my life. Simon D’s son will probably call me uncle.”

Simon D also spoke about E-Sens, “Musically, E-Sens is the only one that stimulates me. In my book, E-Sens is the best rapper. E-Sens has to be next to me in order for me to improve.” Then, Supreme Team together stated, “We will try hard without causing any accidents.”