Top Female Celebrities Are Captivated by Big Bang

So what can Song Hye Gyo, Han Ga In and Gong Hyun Jung have in common? Besides being the few top actresses crowned for their natural beauty? A big heart for Big Bang!

Song Hye Gyo recently shared in an interview on April 3 that she “loves Big Bang the most.” She continued, “I feel like I get a lot of energy when I’m listening to Big Bang’s songs. I love how they display their sense of freedom. It’s a shame, but I haven’t gone to any of their concerts yet.”

The first female actress who revealed her love for the group is none other than Han Ga In. She has shown many times before that she is a devoted fan of the group and G-Dragon in particular.

Go Hyun Jung is also head over heels. The program director for SBS’s “Go Show” revealed that she scouted Big Bang to appear on the variety talk show because one of the main emcees, Go Hyun Jung, is a big fan of the group. “MC Go Hyun Jung regularly enjoys Big Bang’s songs,” said the director. “Because she’s so interested in them, we decided to get them on the show.”

Their popularity also reaches younger female celebrities. Last December, child actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed on MBC’s “Section TV” that Big Bang’s T.O.P is her ideal type. “He’s first place. I’m a big fan, it can’t be helped.”

YG Entertainment stated, “We heard that celebrities like Han Ga In and Gong Hyo Jin attended G-Dragon’s recent concert. We are always surprised whenever fans upload pictures they took of celebrities near them in the audience. We thank the actresses for loving Big Bang and their music.”