[Recap] Gu Family Book Episode 1

All in all, “Gu Family Book” started off with a bang. Every scene was beautiful and although we did not get to see the main characters Lee Seung Gi, and Suzy yet, it looks as though the drama is coming along well in terms of setting up the story!


We begin with a monk looking for Gu-Wol-Llyeong, (Portrayed by Choi Jin Hyuk, the name looks like it literally means moon spirit.) who is the protector spirit of Mount Jiri, at the “Moonlight Garden.” Wol-Llyeong however is observing a village with a Kisaeng (Korean female entertainer) house.

He finds a Yangban (Korean noble) family that has been brought to the Kisaeng house as slaves.

Cheon Soo Llyeon who runs the Kisaeng house has just finished her performance and goes out to see what the fuss is. The older sister, Yoon Seo Hwa (Portrayed by Lee Yeon Hee) is refusing to go into the house because she must become a Kisaeng. Seo Hwa is stripped of her clothes and tied to a tree.

Seo Hwa thinks back to the recent past when her father was framed and killed by “Jo Kwan Woong.” (Portrayed by Lee Sung Jae) Jo Kwan Woong is out celebrating his recent promotion. He asks Cheon Soo Llyeon to prepare Seo Hwa, because he will be taking her virginity!

Seo Hwa has rocks thrown at her during the daytime. Wol-Llyeong watches her suffer and he continues to agonize whether he should help her or not. 

Seon Hwa finally collapses after days without food or water. Right when Wol-Llyeong is about to go in and help her, he is stopped by the monk “So Jeong.” So Jeong continues to bring up the promise that Wol-Llyeong has made before, that he would not interfere with the affairs of humans. 

Seon Hwa wakes up inside of the Kisaeng home. She still refuses to become a Kisaeng, so her brother is beaten up by wooden sticks. After seeing her brother get roughed up, (Too long I think lol) she finally caves in.

Seon Hwa is being prepared as a Kisaeng. Then one day, her brother and Seon Hwa both learn that her father’s killer Jo Kwan Woong will take Seon Hwa’s virginity. Seon Hwa’s brother hatches a plan for his sister to escape. 

The servant Dam Yi will do the ol’ switcheroo with Seon Hwa. 

Once the night Seon Hwa is supposed to lose her virginity arrives, Cheon Soo Llyeon realizes that the switch has happened. Now, it falls on Dam Yi to “entertain” the scary Jo Kwan Woong while her people search for Seon Hwa! 

Jo Kwan Woong proceeds to go about his business with Dam Yi, thinking that she is Seon Hwa. 

Meanwhile, Seon Hwa and her brother are trying to escape. Seon Hwa asks her brother to split up, because one of them needs to survive. 

Seon Hwa’s actual plan was for her to commit suicide. Suddenly she is surrounded by “Troll Fire.” 

Seon Hwa suddenly loses consciousness and her hero Wol-Llyeong has arrived!


 Wol-Llyeong takes care of the men who have come to take back Seon Hwa with his “Spirit Powers.” 

Jo Kwan Woong has found out that Seon Hwa has been switched with Dam Yi. At first he threatens to kill the head Kisaeng Cheon Soo Llyeon, however her servant states that Seon Hwa has ran away. Cheon Soo Llyeon promises that she will find Seon Hwa. 

 Seon Hwa’s brother is captured and he is hung. 


Cheon Soo Llyeon is hearing her lackey talk about seeing a “nine tailed wolf” or Wol-Llyeong. Jo Kwan Woong is also hearing the same news. We are then showed that Dam Yi could not handle the grief and she has hung herself as well.

Wol-Llyeong tells Seon Hwa that she is safe now. 

Jo Kwan Woong is shown hiring Dam Pyeong Joon. Dam Pyeong Joon promises that he will hunt down the “Nine Tailed Fox.” 


The monk So Jeong sees Dam Pyeong Joon and his small army. He goes to warn Wol-Llyeong.

However, once So Jeong arrives he sees Seon Hwa. Wol-Llyeong states that he is in love with Seon Hwa, and wants to look for the “Gu Family Book.” Wol-Llyeong wants to find the book so that he can become human. 

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