miss A’s Suzy and Kim Sarang Are Lookalikes

When Suzy grows older, she will look like…Kim Sarang

Local news agencies picked up on an attention-grabbing photograph of Kim Sarang that circulated the Internet through online community boards. In the picture, the actress and former Miss Korea is captured in profile, showing a remarkable likeness to miss A‘s youngest member Suzy. With her clear skin, distinct facial features and a similar hairstyle, Kim Sarang, though in her 30s, made for a convincing lookalike to the much younger Suzy.

Netizens who have seen the picture commented with “They look like two sisters,” “Suzy, do you not think that you resemble Kim Sarang?” “Is there a 16-year difference?” and other such reactions.

Kim Sarang was last seen on drama, in 2010’s “Secret Garden,” though she is yet to announce her next project.