So who is the winner of the ratings race?

With the newly started Monday/Tuesday drama cycle, the three big channels, KBS, MBC and SBS went head to head on the ratings race with “The Queen of Office,” “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love,” and “Gu Family Book,” respectively.

After the first week of all three dramas airing together, the results have come in and it seems like the winner is: no one.

While “The Queen of Office” did pull a little ahead of its contenders, all three dramas drew in similar ratings.

On April 8, according to Nielson Korea, “The Queen of Office” recorded 12.3%, “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love,” recorded 11.3% and “Gu Family Book” came in with 11.2%.

The small difference between the percentages really proves how strong each of these dramas are and how competitive this ratings race really is.

Since Suzy did not appear yet in “Gu Family Book,” many are saying that the results are bound to change once she does. Nevertheless, it seems like more time is needed to see which drama will come out on top.