New Boy Group Pure Releases Debut MV “I Still Love You”

Rookie boy group Pure has made their debut with their single “I Still Love You” and released the music video through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel. 

Even before their official debut Pure has gained attention for being a handsome boy group with an average height of 180 centimeters. The group’s concept is their name: to be a “pure” idol group who purely loves their fans. The members consist of Soo Hyuk, Chan Hee, Ji Min, Jung Bin, and Young Hoo. It said that the members have great song writing, composing, instrumental, and rap abilities. 

“I Still Love You” was composed by JOON&JONG, who has previously worked with original idol girl group Baby Vox. The song is about a person who is unable to forget an old lover and is waiting for the lover to come back. The song has a strong beat and sad piano line for a retro style.