15&’s Park Ji Min Interview Part 1: “Honestly, I’m Envious of Lee Hi”

Park Ji Min recently had the opportunity to share her thoughts about Lee Hi and the latter’s success through an interview.

“When I turn on the television, I see Lee Hi unni come out and often felt myself going, ‘Ah, I want to stand on that stage too.’ Honestly, I’m a bit envious of Lee Hi now.”

The two singers have a special relationship as the top finalists of audition program “K-Pop Star.” Although both are talented singers with much potential, there could only be one winner. Park Ji Min won the show, but the real competition and comparison started after both girls made their official debuts last year. Park Ji Min signed with JYP Entertainment while Lee Hi went under YG Entertainment’s wing.

Lee Hi had a better start. Park Ji Min debuted as part of duo 15& with track “I Dream” and it ranked respectfully on the charts, but Lee Hi took the thunder by placing first on various music charts with her debut single “1,2,3,4” and smashing records as the fastest rookie to grab the top spot on charts.

“It’s true that I’m envious, but now I have a bigger desire to do better. There will be a time when Lee Hi will do well and there will be a time for us [15&]. It would be great if both of us do well.”

Regarding the constant comparison with Lee Hi, “To be honest, I thought it would happen once ‘K-Pop Star’ ended. No matter how many times we tell everyone ‘Please watch us favorably,” we can’t avoid it. Honestly, Lee Hi unni and 15& don’t have any overlapping factors and we have our own styles. With the name 15&, I’m going to continue competing.”

Regarding the agency’s capability, “YG Entertainment fits well with Lee Hi unni and Lee Hi knows how to adjust well. We [15&] will also come out with a different look so we hope that you’ll look at us differently. Rather than relying on an agency’s strength, as artists, it’s more important to show our abilities by how well we transform ourselves.”