15&’s Park Ji Min Interview Part 2: “People Ask Why I Joined JYP, But I Don’t Regret It…”

15& made a comeback with “Somebody” and immediately topped charts upon release. With such a good early response, critics are wondering if the group has a bit hit on their hands.

The talented duo debuted with “I Dream,” but wasn’t able to actively promote the track. Therefore, many are curious to see how this song will fare in the market. Park Ji Min also received a lot of the spotlight the previous year as the winner of popular audition program “K-Pop Star.”

Some critics and public alike have voiced that the reason Park Ji Min’s lack of success is due to her choice of agency. Lee Hi, the runner-up on the same program and now part of YG Entertainment, is nicknamed “monster rookie” and has broke the record of a rookie grabbing first place on music charts unlike Park Ji Min. Baek Ah Yeon, who is also under JYP Entertainment, hasn’t reached the fame and success as Lee Hi and the public questioned whether it’s because of their choice in agency.

When people asked her “Why did you pick JYP?” she couldn’t understand how they could ask that kind of question. She’s satisfied with her choice, but the topic can become touchy for such a young girl.

“I came here because I really like it here, but I don’t get why other people don’t understand me. YG, SM and JYP all have pros and cons. However, I love the happy atmosphere at JYP. I love the harmonious and warm-hearted atmosphere here. I picked this place because of the family-like image. If I’m not comfortable at a company, it’s hard to sing, but I like JYP’s freedom. Unlike other rookies, we can use our phones and the company is very considerate. JYP has a lot of charms. I really don’t regret my choice. I’m satisfied with picking JYP. I think that I can show my charms better here.”

15&’s other half, Baek Ye Rin chipped in. Having been a trainee at JYP for many years, she added, “When I see trainees from other companies, I definitely notice the difference. I’m definitely receiving much interest from the company workers and, in general, the JYP staff cares a lot for the trainees. The family-like atmosphere is a characteristic of the company. I definitely don’t regret it.”