Forty Releases MV for “Sing the Spring”

Can’t get enough of all the sweet spring songs? Here is another great song perfectly suited for the refreshing breezes of spring. R&B singer and song writer Forty (40) released the music video with English subtitles for “Sing the Spring” through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel.

Forty was a former YG Entertainment trainee and is recognized by music enthusiasts for his exceptional vocal, lyric, composing, arranging, and instrumental abilities. 

“Sing the Spring” is a romantic ballad with a light jazzy feel. The song is about a man’s love for his spring-like woman. The song is from Forty’s single album “The April’s Spring” and was written and composed by the singer. 

The music video is warm and sentimental like the song and stars Na Hae Ryung, a former member of the female group EXID